Sugoi Toolkit Future

Sugoi Toolkit Future

Hey guys, as my main freelance job is taking most of the day and Sugoi Toolkit is growing in scope (with nine different programs), I can only work on small features, bug fixing, and user support. With more financial support, I can transition to full-time and develop meaningful features that you guys want.

  • Much faster translation speed (with CT2 as default)
  • Export manga translation as JPG/PNG
  • Light novel translation (EPUB)
  • Subtitle Translation
  • Manhwa Translation
  • Manhua Translation
  • Anime Upscale
  • ChatGPT support
  • Offline model for ALL languages
  • Better user interface
  • Dark Mode
  • Language Learning features/integration
  • Window 11 support
  • Easy GPU support
  • Users tutorials
  • Developer Documentation
  • Easy plugin development/installation
  • And More

You can get Sugoi coins which can be used for premium features below:

  • Sugoi Manga Translator (available now): Simple, high quality manga translation. Drag and drop your input images for state-of-the-art results.
  • Sugoi Network (Coming Soon): Turn your local Sugoi Toolkit into a server. Access and translate content outside your computer easily (from phone, work’s pc, library, etc)
  • *JAV Translator (Coming Soon): Translate Japanese video content to English with the highest quality. *JAV: Japanese Anime Video.
  • Sugoi Manga Editor (Coming Soon): Auto-translate manga, edit easily, export using just one program.

Going forward, I will switch to Stripe and off of Patreon. For the past two years, Patreon has taxed 20% of my monthly payment. Yet their system is so painful to integrate that I need to download a csv file of user info everyday just to manage.

Patrons, thank you for supporting me till now! Beyond my gratitude if you follow me to Stripe, I’ll deposit your lifetime payment from Patreon. For example, if you have pledged $120 in total, I’ll convert that to 120 Sugoi coins.

My goal is to have at least 250 subscribers on Stripe before the new year. You can subscribe here:

Number of subscribers: (To be updated daily)

Let's work together for a future in which no waifu game/manga is left untranslated.