Sugoi Translator Premium Latest Guide

Sugoi Translator Premium Latest Guide

Sugoi Translator Premium is an online service to help you accelerate translation speed without GPU.


Much faster than using a CPU for medium and long sentences.


Sugoi Translation API is the most affordable out there at 5 dollars/1 million characters:


First, register a new account here:


Afterward, login with your registered account:

Later on, you can just login without needing registration

Access Token and Billing:

After login, you can go to Billing page to get your access token. For now, every new registered account get 0.1 dollars by default

VERY IMPORTANT: Later on when you add coins, after payment is done, wait for around 5-10 seconds for this page to pop up to make sure everything gone through successfully. I will definitely make it more obvious soon

You'll need to click "check coins" button to refresh the latest number of coins you have

The rate for a character is 0.000005$/character so don't be surprised if your coins has a lot of decimals

Integrate with Sugoi Toolkit:

Copy the access token on the Billing page and paste it in this line of User-Setting.json file

Just to be sure, you can also check the "translationServerURL" field right above to make sure it's: ""

Final Step:

Open Sugoi Translator Premium. Wait a bit. Then try copy some Japanese lines


Have fun!